Consistently inspired by freshly produced foods and natural flavours, Robinvale Estates Dukkah range consists of both a traditional as well as a non-traditional take on this ancient classic. 

Inspired by the ancient Egyptians who are said to be the original dukkah creators, Robinvale Estate’s dukkah range is made with basic and traditional dukkah ingredients including nuts, sesame seeds, coriander, fennel, Murray River salt and cumin. As a proud regional Victorian based business, the nuts for our dukkah products, primarily pistachios and almonds are all sourced locally within the region, ensuring that our product is fresh and flavoursome. 

The dukkah spice in recent years has increased in popularity and is most commonly used as a seasoning or a condiment. Dukkah recipes focus on flavour with the dukkah spice perfect with lightly steamed vegetables, a great crumb for chicken dishes or used as a marinade for extra flavour, dukkah is also just as amazing on its own, eaten with fresh breads such as sourdoughs where the strong flavour can be enjoyed. 

Whist our traditional dukkah is just that traditional in terms of flavour, our Dukkah curry spice is our non-traditional take on this classic, and in true Robinvale Estate style, the dukkah curry is flavoursome, fresh, and exciting, complete with that little extra kick to get your taste buds going! 

Our increasingly popular dukkah products also make amazing gifts for family and friends and are the perfect addition to gift hampers and gift baskets, providing a something a little different and special for the recipient to enjoy and fall in love with. 

Robinvale Estate’s full range of dukkah spice products is listed below.

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