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Caramelised Blueberry Balsamic

Our Caramelised Blueberry Balsamic is a modern twist on a traditional favourite. We make our Blueberry Balsamic by cooking down balsamic vinegar together with locally sourced blueberries to produce a thick, sweet, flavourful balsamic glaze. 

All of our caramelised balsamics are handmade, right here at Robinvale Estate. We source all of our ingredients from local farms in the Mildura and Robinvale areas, selecting only the finest and freshest ingredients. 

Our Caramelised Blueberry Balsamic is delicious splashed on any green dish, on fried asparagus, over salad, or served up next to some cheese on a cheese platter. It also tastes delicious splashed over roasted pumpkin and fresh spinach. 

For a delectable, unique treat, try drizzling our Caramelised Blueberry Balsamic over ricotta cheese and using it as a gourmet dip. Or for a little twist on the traditional balsamic & olive oil combination, mix our Caramelised Blueberry Balsamic with our Agrumato Lemon Olive Oil for something truly unique.

Our Caramelised Blueberry Balsamic is perfect for the home chef or the kitchen connoisseur alike. It makes the perfect gift in a homemade food hamper, too. Explore our Gourmet Gift Box Hampers to see which of our gourmet food boxes contains our Caramelised Blueberry Balsamic.