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Caramelised Fig Balsamic

Robinvale Estate’s Caramelised Fig Balsamic is a sweet, flavourful balsamic glaze that lends itself to a range of dishes. Farm fresh figs are cooked down together with the balsamic vinegar for an extended period of time to produce a thick, sweet balsamic glaze that retains the notes of the figs.

Because the flavour of fig is relatively mild, this balsamic lends itself to a range of dishes. It can be used in much the same way as any other balsamic glaze, but is slightly sweeter and contains slightly more complex notes.

For that reason, we recommend using the Caramelised Fig Balsamic over any dish that would call for a balsamic, such as baked vegetables, a fresh salad, or green beans and asparagus. It also makes a delicious dressing for a fresh fruit salad.

We only use the freshest farm ingredients and the finest balsamic vinegar to prepare our Caramelised Balsamics. The figs are processed with the balsamic very soon after harvest so that the fresh taste is captured in the final product.

Our Caramelised Fig Balsamic can be purchased in many of our Gourmet Gift Box Hampers, so be sure to explore the range if you’re shopping for a gift.