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Caramelised Peach Balsamic

Robinvale Estate’s Caramelised Peach Balsamic is a unique, one-of-a-kind balsamic that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Building on the traditional dish of roasted peaches drizzled with balsamic, we decided to combine it all into a single bottle. 

Our Caramelised Peach Balsamic is made by cooking down the finest balsamic vinegar with the freshest peaches, producing a thick, sweet, peach flavoured balsamic. Drizzled over asparagus, beans, or any spring greens, it has a subtle sweetness to virtually any dish.

Because the balsamic is cooked down together with the peaches, the flavour of the peaches blends perfectly with the acidity of the balsamic, creating a mild fruity flavour. This lends itself to a range of different dishes, although we recommend this balsamic especially for roasted vegetables and green salads. For something a little different, we recommend using the Caramelised Peach Balsamic as a glaze for a ham before roasting.

We use only the finest ingredients from local sources to make our products, which is why they always taste fresh and delicious. We make our Caramelised Peach Balsamic using fresh, local peaches sourced from the Robinvale area.