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Chilli, Garlic & Verjuice Salad Dressing

Chilli, Garlic & Verjuice Salad Dressing is a proprietary recipe made with Robinvale Estate’s very own Chilli & Garlic Agrumato Olive Oil. The subtle, yet rich flavours of garlic and chilli pierce through the acidity of verjuice, making it an exceptional flavouring for many green dishes.

The flavour combination of chillies, garlic and verjuice is a proprietary recipe that blends the acidity of verjuice with the creamy earthiness of extra virgin olive oil. Aromas of garlic and chilli come through, adding spice and richness to a range of different foods.

Our Chilli & Garlic Agrumato Olive Oil is an award winning, cold pressed oil made by pressing the olives together with fresh chilli and garlic. This produces an aromatic olive oil worthy of many different uses. Our Chilli Garlic & Verjuice Salad Dressing is just as award worthy, containing all of its notes but with just enough zing to be used all on its own.

If you’re shopping the Chilli Garlic & Verjuice Salad Dressing as a gift, it makes a great addition to a food hamper for somebody who likes to try things a little outside of the box. Alternatively, if you’d like a premade food hamper full of Robinvale Estate foods, you can check out our range of Gourmet Gift Box Hampers. You can add Chilli & Garlic Verjuice Salad Dressing to the Sienna Gift Box Hamper!