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Lemon & Verjuice Salad Dressing

One of our best-selling salad dressings, and rightly so. The possibilities are endless with the Lemon & Verjuice Homemade Salad dressing and can be used on anything that deserves a touch of sweetness and a touch of lemon.

Robinvale Estate’s Lemon & Verjuice Salad Dressing is made with our very own Agrumato Lemon Olive Oil, made by pressing the lemon rinds together with the olives. This gives a flavour much like lemon in olive oil, except that it is richer, deeper, and retains the bitter notes of the lemon. Our Lemon & Verjuice Salad Dressing is made with over 95% Australian ingredients.

This salad dressing is altogether fruity, sweet, and tart, making it perfect drizzled over literally anything. Consider putting it over an avocado and salmon salad, drizzled over greens, on roasted vegetables, and even over fruits such as apples, pears, and walnuts. It can be enjoyed over fresh chicken salads and even Thai beef salads.

The Lemon & Verjuice Salad Dressing makes the perfect gift for anybody who loves to be in the kitchen as it can be used on almost anything. If you’re shopping for a gourmet food hamper that contains this salad dressing, check out the Sienna Gourmet Gift Box Hamper