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Agrumato Chilli Olive Oil

Unlike many chilli-infused oils, Robinvale Estate’s Agrumato Chilli Olive Oil is not made by cold or warm infusion. Using the Agrumato method, we press our olives together with the chilli and other herbs to capture the entire complex flavour profile of all ingredients.

The Agrumato Chilli Olive Oil is the perfect gourmet olive oil for those who prefer to capture the flavour of chilli rather than the heat. In Robinvale Estate’s Agrumato Chilli Olive Oil, the flavours of a rich extra virgin olive oil and chilli blend together perfectly.

Agrumato Chilli Olive Oil and the rest of our Agrumato Olive Oil range are made with olives grown right here on our olive farm at Robinvale Estate. We source the finest locally grown herbs to use in our Agrumato Olive Oil recipes, bringing a touch of Abruzzo to your kitchen.

Professional cooks and home cooks can both enjoy this olive oil. It retains all the complex, fruity notes of an extra virgin olive oil but with a touch of chilli. Because of its subtle chilli flavour, it can be enjoyed on a range of dishes including vegetable stir frys, Italian foods, or drizzled on pasta.

Agrumato Chilli Olive Oil is a great addition to a gift box or present, or can be purchased in our gourmet food hampers and gift hampers.