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Caramelised Blackberry Balsamic

Robinvale Estate’s Caramelised Blackberry Balsamic is a modern twist on an old favourite. By cooking down the finest balsamic vinegar together with the freshest blackberries, we produce a deliciously sweet and slightly tart balsamic glaze.

The blackberry flavour in our Caramelised Blackberry Balsamic is mild, lending itself to a range of dishes that would benefit from a balsamic glaze. Being slightly more tart than our other Caramelised Balsamics, the Caramelised Blackberry Balsamic is compatible with a range of sweet or savoury dishes.

We recommend using the Caramelised Blackberry Balsamic to glaze meats, drizzled over a fruit salad, or as a dressing for green beans, asparagus, or rocket. Blackberries are often served together with cheese, so this caramelised balsamic is also delicious drizzled over soft cheeses that would otherwise accompany blackberries, such as cream cheese and ricotta.

We use freshly picked blackberries sourced from dedicated berry farms in the Robinvale Mildura area, and only the best quality balsamic vinegar to prepare our Caramelised Blackberry Balsamic. You will taste the farm freshness in every drop of this balsamic glaze, and it will be a showstopper on your cheese platter or grazing board.

If you’re shopping the Caramelised Balsamics range for a gift, be sure to check out our Gourmet Gift Box Hampers Collection. The Caramelised Blackberry Balsamic can be purchased in a number of our gift packs.