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Caramelised Strawberry Balsamic

Robinvale Estate’s Caramelised Strawberry Balsamic is among the sweetest in our range of caramelised balsamics. The flavour of strawberry comes strongly through the balsamic, matching perfectly with the acidity of the top quality balsamic vinegar used in the recipe.

Because this caramelised balsamic leans towards the sweet side, we recommend using it to complement other sweet-savoury dishes. Consider drizzling it over a pear, walnut, and blue cheese salad, or used as part of a sweet glaze before roasting meats.

A traditional Italian way to serve fruits is to drizzle them with a balsamic glaze. The Caramelised Strawberry Balsamic works perfectly in this context, adding even more complex notes and flavours to this traditional way to serve a fruit salad.

We are lucky to be surrounded by some of Australia’s finest berry and fruit farms right here in the Robinvale Mildura area. This allows us to use the freshest strawberries in our Caramelised Strawberry Balsamic, and allows us to process them very soon after harvest. Every drop of the Caramelised Strawberry Balsamic contains the rich, fresh flavour of farm fresh strawberries.

Kitchen connoisseurs and home chefs alike can enjoy the Caramelised Strawberry Balsamic, as it adds a modern twist on the traditional flavour of balsamic vinegar. It is perfect drizzled over fruit, fresh salads, or any grazing board that is brought out in the Spring.