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Curry Dukkah

Robinvale Estate’s Curry Dukkah is a spicy blend of nuts, herbs, and spices that adds a dash of spice to a range of dishes. Varying on the traditional Egyptian Dukkah, our Dukkah contains curry, making it yellow, and a little bit spicier than traditional recipes. It has the flavours of fennel, coriander, and cumin.

Our Curry Dukkah is handmade, right here at Robinvale Estate. We source the almonds, pistachios, and other herbs from farms in the local area, making our Dukkah local, natural, and supportive of local farms. 

Robinvale Estate’s Curry Dukkah can be used in a variety of different ways. It can be sprinkled on meats before roasting to give them a spicy, delicious flavour. Alternatively, you can try crumbing your chicken with a little bit of Dukkah before frying. But our favourite way to enjoy our Curry Dukkah is to mix it with a good quality extra virgin olive oil and to dip straight into it with a bread stick.

We also recommend using the Curry Dukkah as a flavouring for soups or lentils, or even stuffed into a fish before baking. The aromatic flavours of our Curry Dukkah lend it to many different dishes, and it becomes quite a creative tool in the kitchen.

The Curry Dukkah is the perfect addition to any food hamper, and is also included in our Pantry Essentials Gift Box, Giordano Gift Box Hamper, Eve GIft Box Hamper, and the Home Grown Gift Box Hamper.