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Fig & Orange Jam

Robinvale Estate’s Fig & Orange Jam is delectably sweet and full of flavour. Using only the freshest oranges and figs sourced from local farms, our Fig & Orange Jam is a delicious alternative to traditional jam recipes.

Handmade right here at our estate in Robinvale, we use traditional and healthy cooking methods that retain all of the natural flavours of the fruits. Every spoonful of our Fig & Orange Jam is loaded with flavour and deliciousness, which also means that a little bit goes a long way.

Our Fig & Orange Jam tastes delicious spread over scones or sweet biscuits. For something a little more unique and exciting, consider mixing it with a camembert or brie cheese for an interesting and unique dessert. Or for something altogether different, you can use it with cheddar cheese to make a deliciously unique sandwich and snack.

The Fig & Orange Jam is a great gift for those who love to get busy in the kitchen, or simply those who love tasting new and exciting foods. If  you’re shopping the Fig & Orange Jam as a gift, be sure to check out our Gourmet Gift Box Hamper Collection. You’ll find this product in a number of our hampers, or they can be modified to include it.