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Fig & Orange Paste

Robinvale Estate’s Fig & Orange Paste is a slight variation on more traditional homemade paste recipes. We opted for a fresh, fruity, savoury paste flavour that pairs well with a range of cheeses, wines, and crackers. Although the Fig & Orange Paste is made with fruits, the mild sweetness of fig and orange gives the paste a more sweet-savoury flavour than a jam-like sweetness.

Made right here at Robinvale Estate, we do our best to capture the flavour of farm fresh, homemade goodness. We use traditional cooking methods that capture all of the flavours of the fruits and herbs used without compromising any of them. 

Our Fig & Orange Paste is best enjoyed on your favourite cracker with a soft cheese such as camembert, blue cheese, or brie. It makes for a delicious afternoon snack, especially when paired with a delicious wine.

Whether you are a home chef or a professional at making grazing boards and cheese platters, the Fig & Orange Paste is a unique and delicious addition. You’ll stand out as a kitchen connoisseur by adding it to the next cheese platter you bring to an event!

If you’re shopping the Fig & Orange Paste as a gift, be sure to browse our Gourmet Gift Box Hampers Collection. Many of our hampers contain the Fig & Orange Paste or can be modified to include it, so be sure to browse the range.