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Fig & Rosemary Paste

Our Fig & Rosemary Paste is a delicious gourmet addition to any cheese platter or grazing board. Made with the freshest figs and the most aromatic rosemary, this sweet-savoury paste pairs with a range of different cheeses including parmesan, camembert, and brie.

Served with fine cheese, your favourite seed crackers and a great bottle of wine, our Fig & Rosemary Paste is a complete showstopper. Good cheese and wine always taste better with a good jam or paste — and ours tastes exactly like grandma’s from all those years ago.

At Robinvale Estate, we only use the freshest farm produce to create our gourmet jams and pastes. We source the freshest figs and rosemary from local growers in the Mildura Robinvale region, which means we capture the freshest local tastes.

We recommend pairing the Fig & Rosemary Paste with a fine cheese and good crackers, or serving it up on a spring grazing board. If you’re shopping the Fig & Rosemary Paste as a gift for somebody, be sure to check out our Gourmet Gift Box Hampers Collection. A number of our gourmet food hampers contain the Fig & Rosemary Paste, or can be modified if you’d like to include it.