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Cranberry & Almond Elegant Eve Granoata

The traditional combination of cranberries and almonds come together in our deliciously healthy Elegant Eve Granoata. Made with a combination of nuts and seeds and mixed peels, our Elegant Eve Granoata is bursting with flavour.

Our Liv & Luv Cranberry Almond Elegant Eve Granoata is handmade right here at our estate in Robinvale, using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Many of our ingredients are sourced from right here in the Robinvale Mildura area, and are then prepared using traditional cooking methods at our estate. The granola is then packaged in a foil sealed bag, ensuring it tastes as fresh as the day it was baked.

The Cranberry & Almond Elegant Eve Granoata tastes great with your favourite yoghurt — or even your favourite ice cream! It is also the perfect base for making your own homemade granola bars to eat on the run. 

The Cranberry & Almond Elegant Eve Granoata is mildly sweet and deliciously crunchy. It’s the perfect gift for the health conscious, and for someone who appreciates delicious local foods. Make sure to browse our Gourmet Gift Box Hamper Collection if you’re shopping for a gift — many of our gourmet hampers contain this product.