Agrumato Olive Oil

With delectable and distinctive flavour combinations, Robinvale Estate’s range of argumato olive oil is the perfect addition to the fridge, used to make a large variety of fresh and healthy salads pop. Agrumato being the Italian method involving the processing of citrus fruits and other herbs together with olives, creating oils that are zesty and aromatic, with distinctive flavours. 

Used by both home cooks and restaurant chefs alike, Agrumato oils can transform even the simplest salads and creations, into restaurant quality dishes, providing a boost of zesty flavour that is bound to excite the taste buds of even the fussiest food critiques.  

Robinvale Estates Agrumato olive oils, are made using olives grown and harvested at our grove, combining with locally sourced fresh fruits and herbs such as lemons, oranges, and chillies. With Robinvale Estates prime location, nestled amongst some of Australia’s best fruit growing country, our agrumato oils are fresh and of the highest quality. 

Our increasingly popular agrumato products also make amazing gifts for family and friends and are the perfect addition to gift hampers and gift baskets, providing a something a little different and special for the recipient to enjoy and fall in love with. 

Robinvale Estate’s full range of agrumato olive oil products is listed below. 

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