Salad Dressings

A salad is truly not a real salad unless it is accompanied with a brilliant aromatic, zesty dressing, to dazzle ones taste buds, and bring to life the flavours of the salad ingredients. Robinvale Estates superior quality range of salad dressing provide the perfect salad accompaniment, with a range of flavours to delight even the fussiest taste buds. 

Not only do we produce award winning classic combination favourites, such as honey and mustard and orange and poppyseed, which have both won Silver and Bronze awards at the Sydney Royal Show, but we also step outside the box, producing acidic verjuice varieties which include fig and orange and chilli garlic. 

Our range of salad dressings are perfect for both home cooks looking to add that something a little extra to their salads and give their guests something truly memorable at their next event, as well as for restaurants who pride themselves on only serving the finest quality dishes to their guests. 

With strong family values, commitment to providing fresh and flavoursome products and our love of food and sharing the experience with others, our salad dressings are a true reflection of our commitment to quality and creativity. Our salad dressings are also perfect for sharing making fabulous gifts for family and friends and are the perfect addition to gift hampers and gift baskets, providing a something a little different and special for the recipient to enjoy and fall in love with. 

Take a look at Robinvale Estate’s full range of salad dressings is listed below.

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