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Green Olive & Chilli Tapenade

Olive lovers need look no further for the perfect way to get olives on toast. Our Green Olive & Chilli Tapenade packs a strong hit of flavour for those who can’t get enough of that olive taste. Made with olives grown right here at Robinvale Estate, and chillies sourced from the local area, this tapenade comes from our farm straight to your plate.

We have been growing olives at Robinvale Estate since 1946, and have been processing them into olive oil ever since. The olives we use in our Green Olive & Chilli Tapenade are grown and processed right here at our estate, which means you can experience the freshness of Robvinvale at home.

The Green Olive & Chilli Tapenade is pungent and strong in flavour, and tastes delicious spread over a piece of ciabatta bread. It is delicious mixed with mild cheeses, or even mixed with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and used to top a dish. Some might find this tapenade so delicious, they’ll want to eat it out of the jar with a spoon.

The Green Olive & Chilli Tapenade is a staple in the fridge for anybody who loves olives, or is also the perfect gift when creating a food hamper.