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Sweet Chilli Dressing + Garlic Olive Oil Gift Box Hamper

Robinvale Estate's Sweet Chilli Dressing + Garlic Olive Oil Gift Box Hamper is the perfect way to enjoy our salad dressings together with our homemade Agrumato Olive Oil. The perfect blend of flavours, our award winning Agrumato Garlic Olive Oil adds a modern twist on extra virgin olive oil, along with the sweet and zesty Sweet Chilli Salad Dressing.

Our fruity, cold pressed Agrumato Olive Oils are the perfect splash of spring on vegetables, salads, and antipasto. Robinvale Estate’s Salad Dressings pair perfectly with our Agrumato Olive Oil varieties for the fruity taste of spring.

Agrumato Olive Oil is made by pressing the olives together with fruits and herbs, extracting the earthy, rich flavours of the olives and the sweetness of the fruits. We think our Garlic Agrumato Olive Oil tastes especially good with our Sweet Chilli Salad Dressing.

The Robinvale Estate Sweet Chilli Dressing and Garlic Agrumato Olive Oil Gift Box Hamper is perfect for the person with a sweet, zesty, Asian palate for flavours. Perfect used on Asian dishes, roasted vegetables, or in combination over a fresh salad, this hamper is bursting with flavour.

There is a diverse range of oils and salad dressings to choose from in our Agrumato Olive Oil and Salad Dressings collection. If you'd like to swap out the Agrumato Olive Oil for another variety, or switch up the Salad Dressing, be sure to check out our Agrumato Olive Oil and Salad Dressing Gift Box Hamper — it's customisable!